How to be happy

How to be happy

#happiness #peace of mind

It’s quite easy. The following steps must be practiced for that.

  1. Know your problem- Find out why you are not happy. Might be there’s something wrong in your belief system or you are holding your past.
  2. Live in present- There’s a lot of way to do that. Practicing observation is my favorite.
  3. Do some work- Be busy. An empty mind is a home-place for devil and devil will not let you happy. Find out what you like and make it your habit.
  4. Stop comparing- I compare too but stop it as soon as I know I am doing it. That’s the way.
  5. Share Happiness- Some things increases with sharing. Try it, you will feel happy. This is the best shortcut I know to be happy.
  6. Be happy- Nobody can make you happy, if you don’t want. Believe “You could be happy” and you will find happiness. Just like that.
  7. Don’t be sad- Why to be sad when you could be happy. Don’t even talk about sadness. Situation came, why don’t face them? Be brave.
  8. Work on yourself- Stop complaining. There are a millions and millions of opportunities out there waiting for you. Believe yourself.
  9. A peaceful mind- One major reason you might not be happy may be that you have no place for happiness in your mind. Throw the garbage out and you will get some.
  10. Experience something new- Think of what’s that your goal of life, achieve it in your mind, and experience the New.
  11. Love- Another shortcut. Start loving today. Love knows no boundary, whether you love others or yourself, it’s same thing.
  12. Don’t succeed- Choose you want success or happiness. For most people, success means ‘Name, Fame, Money’. So, what do you want.

Love is a shortcut to Happiness.

These are the simplest tricks that you could practice. What I write is what I feel. So, I can do means you can too. Try it.
Be Happy 😃


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