How to manage time

How to manage time

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Time management is not as tough as we think. When we know what we want, we easily manage time, and start living happily. It’s awesome to experience to be free most of the time.

  1. Make a To-do list- You must know what you have to do your whole day. You need not be thinking every hour what next, Just write it down. When you have clear picture of what you have to do your whole day, you will feel tension free too, and this way you will have more control on your mind too.
  2. Have a time-table- Write down at which hour you are going to do what. You must know when to study, work, eat, play, socialize, meditate and observe.
  3. Do the toughest task first- Do the toughest when you have the greatest energy. May be it do not get finished but you will feel proud you did that. This is the greatest tip of time-management, i can give you.
  4. Never postpone- Procrastination saps energy and it is of no use. It’s just a bad habit need to be uprooted soon.
  5. Don’t give time to silly things- These silly things could be over socializing, friends, unhealthy food, TV or something else. You are engaging in them either due to procrastination or not understanding the flow. Whatever be the reason, uproot it and never got stuck up.
  6. Spend time to save time- A good plan have its own benefits. No plan is perfect, it needs to be regularly updated, so just prepare a rough plan on what you want to do and get started.
  7. Wake-up early- Getting up early adds extra hours in your day. You could exercise, study, get motivated, walk outside, sit in park or do something creative.
  8. Don’t be perfect- This is what sap most of my time, and i could tell you it’s of no use. You can never be perfect. Some mistakes might happen, and they must. In fact, nobody is perfect, then why you must.
  9. Use habits- Find out what saps your most of the time and energy. Find out its solution and make that solution a habit. You can repeat this tip and save much of your time and energy. I bet this tip will help you grow faster.

Don’t be busy, be productive.


Have a happy day.. 😃


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