How to have a peaceful mind

#Peaceful #Happiness # spirituality

Although there are experts who could give you a good explation on how-to of the topic. But, I want to briefly point-out the ways I keep my mind peaceful.

  1. Cut out excess speech– speaking two much takes away freedom. Extra people come and attach with you. The way out is control your tongue.
  2. Eat healthy, drink more– when we are hungry, we get off-track. Drink water to keep your stomach filled.
  3. Change your environment– you need to rewamp your environment. Look out what’s that you don’t like and change/ upgrade it at your pace.
  4. Organize yourself- A declutter mind do nothing. Organize where you feel you are not. Keep everything clear and specific.
  5. Practice spirituality– see yourself other than this body. You will prevent your mind from all fake body sufferings this way.
  6. See motivational video– you are feeding your mind with positivity. Don’t talk or think about garbage.
  7. Learn and grow– learn something new. Get attached to a learning program and renew yourself.

शांत मन ही वह परम मंत्र है- मूक माटी (आचार्य विद्यासागर)

There are many more ways to do that and it’s an ever growing process. So, find out some which suits you best. Chop them and grow.

Good day..😊


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